Sunday July 3
Mon. July 4
25 min.
Tues. July 5
Run with team
at Hall Ranch
5 miles
@ 6 pm
Wed. July 6
7:30 - 8:45AM Lifting
at BHS
6 x 120 yards barefoot
Thur. July 7
Run with team at
McIntosh Lake in
Longmont at 6pm.
Run first mile easy,
2nd mile time trial,
rest of the run easy
Fri. July 8
7:30 - 8:45 am
Lifting at BHS,
25 min. run
Sat. July 9
1 mile warm up,
Run: 4 x 4 min. hills
(not too steep grade)
this is a long gradual
hill similar to hill on
6E of the Puppy Run
1 mile cool down
Sun. July 10
45 minutes
Mon. July 11
Tues. July 12
Run with team at
Devil's Backbone
50 min. or upper
loop. Whichever
takes longer.
Wed. July 13
7:30am lifting @ BHS,
8 x 100 in grass
Thur. July 14
Run with the team 6:00 pm
at Barnes Softball
Field. Every quarter-mile
is marked on the trail with
a column marker.
1 mile easy, 1 mile
hard (varsity girls
shoot for sub 7 min.,
varsity boys sub 6,
others try for current
5K pace plus 30 sec.)
Rest 3 - 5 min. until
you feel rested.
Repeat so you run 3
hard one mile reps.
Jog 1 mile cool down
Fri. July 15
7:30 am lifting at BHS
easy pace 30 min.
Sat. July 16
Personal time trial
5K or race this weekend.
3.1 miles at race pace
Sun. July 17
Mon. July 18
Tempo Run - this
means a hard run
for 20 minutes
Tues. July 19
Run with the team at
Rabbit Mountain in
Wed. July 20
am lifting @ BHS,
run gorilla cardio:
run the loop from school
to 10th St. to bike trail
to 5th St. and back to
school while doing
20 seconds hard/ 20 sec.
Thurs. July 21
6:00 pm Run with team
at Golden Ponds in
Fri. July 22
Lifting at BHS @
7:30 am., easy
lap at Nature Center
Sat. July 23
Long run, easy
pace for 55 min.
or 6 miles

Sun. July 24
Monday, July 25
Go to Nature Center
if possible, warm up,
then, run two laps
around and time
yourself. Rest
for 2 minutes, and
repeat trying to run
within 10 seconds
of what you ran last
time. Rest for 2 min.
and repeat for a third
time, cool down
Basically this is
3 x 1000m w/ 2 min. rec.
Tuesday, July 26
Meet as a team at
Hall Ranch at
6:00 pm, run for
45 - 55 min.,
about 5 hilly miles
Wed. July 27
Lifting at BHS @ 7:30 am,
20 min. jog
Thurs. July 28
Run with team at
6:00 PM at McIntosh
Friday, July 29
AM Lifting at BHS @
7:30am, 15 min. fast
Sat. July 30
Long run, 55
minutes or 6 miles,
pick up the pace
after 4 miles
Sun. July31
Mon. Aug. 1
3 mile step down, first
mile is easy (conversational
pace), second mile you
should have to speak
between breaths but
still able to talk a little,
3rd mile is race pace,
you should really push
the pace.
Tues. Aug 2
Run with the team @
6:00 pm at Devil's
Long run 55-65 min.
or 6 miles.
Wed. Aug. 3
Lifting at BHS
@ 7:30 am
No run
Thurs. Aug. 4
Run with team @
Barnes Softball
Complex @ 6:00 pm
mile warm up,
4 x 800 m with
2 min. rest.
Make your first one
the slowest and build
from there. Varsity girls
goal time for last
800 is 3:00, varsity boys
is 2:40.
Fri. Aug. 5
Lifting at BHS
@ 7:30 am
with a 20 min. run
or swimming for
30 min.(treading
water or actual
swimming, not
playing in the water)
Sat. Aug. 6
Off, get ready for camp.
Sun. Aug. 7
Camp in Estes
We will run
around Lake
Estes about
4 miles at
Mon. Aug. 8
Training Camp
Homestead Estates
Tues. Aug. 9
Training Camp
Kruegar Rock
Wed. Aug. 10
Day off
Thurs. Aug. 11
Fri. Aug. 12
Lifting at 7:30am at
BHS, short hill run
following for those
not running Wild
West Relay
Sat. Aug. 13
Long run 50 - 60 min.
or 6 miles.
Sun. Aug. 14
Mon. Aug. 15
First Day of Official
Practice @ BHS 3:30 pm
Tues. Aug. 16
Meet at BHS @
3:30 pm
Wed. Aug. 17
Meet at BHS @
3:30 pm
Thurs. Aug. 18
Meet at BHS @
3:30 pm
Fri. Aug. 19
Meet at BHS @
3:30 pm
Sat. Aug. 20
skip 19:30-19:50